I didn’t believe the next game, either

Cuprum has quite reasonably cast doubt on the probity of the Sri Lanka versus India match.   It was unbelievable how an out-of-form India could suddenly revive to beat Sri Lanka by scoring 321 in 37.4 overs.

But the next match was almost equally unbelievable.   Australia’s bowlers held an in-form Sri Lanka to a total of 238, but the team then failed to win thanks to an appallingly bad display of tentative, unthinking, village-green batsmanship.   To cap it all, in the last but one over, David Hussey refused to take an easy single on ball 5.   Had he done so, and scored a four himself on the last ball, Ben Hilfenhaus would have been left with an attainable five to score in the last over.   Plenty of time for a single and a Hussey boundary or, more likely, a slogged six from Ben, who is no mean hitter when the pressure’s on.
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A Nonsense Tale – only it isn’t

Juliar and her chums wanted Kev gone, so they bad-mouthed him in public.   That was nice, wasn’t it?   Kev resigned and challenged Juliar for the leadership; he lost, retiring to the backbench.  Kev agreed not to resign his seat – a by-election could have caused the minority government to fall – but secretly demanded that Senator Arbib be hounded out of politics.   Arbib was one of the guys behind Kev being removed as PM eighteen months ago, and was the guy that WikiLeaks revealed to have been leaking cabinet information to the Americans.   One of the so-called faceless men who really run the Labor Party government.   He suddenly developed a desire to spend more time with his family, the pollies’ equivalent to gardening leave.  Or was it Kev’s demand?   We thought so, but read on. Continue reading “A Nonsense Tale – only it isn’t”

My yard is open again

Boadicea’s blog – The Chariot – is now 100% Boadicea’s, moderated by her and by Soutie.   I have absolutely no connection with, or privileges on, her site.

Bearsy’s Backyard is my independent blog, and should anyone wish to comment on my posts here, they are very welcome to do so.   The subject will generally be Cricket or Australian Politics, but other trivialities may creep in.

This is not a multi-author site.   Cuprum and Boadicea are the only additional authors.   I do not anticipate others being invited. 🙄

Well, there’s a turn up …

Of all people, Ricky Ponting has spoken out against Cricket Australia’s termination of Simon Katich’s contract.   Perhaps there’ s a decent bloke somewhere inside him after all.

Read the full article, and don’t forget to read all the comments, which give a pretty fair indication of what the fans think.

There seems to be little doubt that Pup was behind the move to ditch Kat, being resentful of his treatment by Kat a while back.   The wimpy meterosexual pinned up against the wall by the real cricketer’s hand round his throat must have left its mark, I suppose.

Wouldn’t be surprised if Pup gets booed again.   No, it’s not good behaviour, but with the current selectors and management of CA, how else can the fans express their disapproval?   Writing articles gets nowhere.   Button-holing a CA Director at a family get-together gets nowhere either 😦

Juliar Gillard sinks even lower (updated in comments)

Julie Bishop on the left, Juliar Gillard on the right

Not content with stabbing our Kev in the back and with lying to the electorate about a carbon tax, Juliar is now refusing to act on a resolution passed by both Houses condemning her ‘Malaysian solution’ 1.

This is a blatant contempt of Parliament which, to quote the deputy opposition leader (Julie Bishop), “might be expected from a third-world dictatorship, but not from our Australian democracy”.

Technically I believe she can get away with it because the powers she requires are already available under a previous Migration Act, but it will do nothing to endear her to the voting public, with whom her stock is already nearly at rock bottom.

More pertinently, two of the three independents on whom Labor’s frail majority depends crossed the house in support of the resolution.   Sparks will fly!

1 – Don’t worry about it.   It’s an immigration thing, utterly nutty.

More about CA and Katich

An Excellent article on the ABC’s Drum by Bryce McGain.

Bryce McGain is a professional cricketer first representing Victoria in 2001 and later making his Australian Test debut in the successful South African series in 2009, at age 37.

He also represented Essex County Cricket Club in 2010 and while coaching a club cricket in Copenhagen, in 2002 & 2003, played a One Day match for Denmark against Leicestershire in England.

Where the bloody hell are you? Not in Victoria!

This advertising slogan that Tourism Australia rather incautiously unleashed on the TV screens and billboards of the English-speaking world a couple of years back, will now cost you a $240 (about £155) on-the-spot fine if you repeat it in the “rust bucket” State of Victoria.   The incoming right-wing government has given carte-blanche to the uniformed fuzz to fine anyone who swears.   Can you believe it?

Here’s a link to Helen Razer’s post on The Drum (ABC) which will give you some idea about what Aussies think of it.   Helen is an Aussie comedienne and social commentator – same thing, really, I suppose!

Sometimes I worry about us Aussies

Simon Katich

This stalwart chap proved himself to be the second best batsman in the world last season. As a reward for his amazing performance, the 35-year old has been dismissed by Cricket Australia, his contract ripped up. The reasons given are farcical. The useless Ponting has been retained, as has “Mr Cricket” (Mike Hussey), both of whom are older than Kat. Continue reading “Sometimes I worry about us Aussies”

Islam – Aussie style (transferred from The Chariot)

Reinstated at Cuprum’s request.

Boadicea and I have been following the comments on an article on an ABC website.   The ABC are generally regarded as left-wing bleeding heart ‘liberals’, just like their sister organisation, the BBC, and the article is a plea for the legal recognition of Sharia Law in Australia by a Muslim “leader” who tries hard to present himself and his cult as sweetness and light.

There are some 270 comments (or more) from readers, and at last count only 4 were supportive.   You may, or may not, be interested to see Australian opinion as it is expressed here – very polite, but equally firm in rejecting the introduction of any religious laws into our secular country.   It’s nothing like MyT, I assure you – no swear words, no personal attacks.

I wouldn’t have bothered to refer to it here were it not for the 271st comment, which is from a Muslim Australian who has his head screwed on very firmly and who obviously understands what it is to be Australian.   Here is his comment – Continue reading “Islam – Aussie style (transferred from The Chariot)”