Think about it

Peter Siddle took 6 wickets for 75 runs.

If his bowling colleagues had performed as well as he did, England would have been all out for 125 runs instead of 513.

Author: Bearsy

A Queensland Bear with attitude

3 thoughts on “Think about it”

  1. Bloody hell. Bearsy. good evening.

    Only just found that ‘Bearsy’s Real Blog’ was an option in ‘My Blogs’.

    I have been getting seriously upset about the fact that I could not talk Ashes with the authors on Boa’s site. Been leaving the odd comment and getting absolutely no response.

    Anyhow, Siddle was superb for the Aussie side. Ran in with real fire and commitment, wanting every ball to matter. Did the same with his bat.

    An ugly bugger in all fairness but a must for the new Australia, in my opinion.

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