Islam – Aussie style (transferred from The Chariot)

Reinstated at Cuprum’s request.

Boadicea and I have been following the comments on an article on an ABC website.   The ABC are generally regarded as left-wing bleeding heart ‘liberals’, just like their sister organisation, the BBC, and the article is a plea for the legal recognition of Sharia Law in Australia by a Muslim “leader” who tries hard to present himself and his cult as sweetness and light.

There are some 270 comments (or more) from readers, and at last count only 4 were supportive.   You may, or may not, be interested to see Australian opinion as it is expressed here – very polite, but equally firm in rejecting the introduction of any religious laws into our secular country.   It’s nothing like MyT, I assure you – no swear words, no personal attacks.

I wouldn’t have bothered to refer to it here were it not for the 271st comment, which is from a Muslim Australian who has his head screwed on very firmly and who obviously understands what it is to be Australian.   Here is his comment –

Frustrated Muslim :

19 May 2011 7:04:30pm

I consider myself a Muslim and I am very angry and frustrated because AFIC has made a demand for Sharia without consulting the wider Muslim community. I do not believe that Sharia in any shape of form is required in Australia. The Australian way of life includes freedom of religion and I have never faced any problems in practicing my faith in Australia. Its not only stupid but demeaning to ask for faith based laws in a country where the society is built upon the separation of the Church and the State.

My fellow Australians, as a Muslim, I am ashamed and sorry for this episode and I hope better sense prevails in the future.

AFIC makes a lot of money out of Halal accreditation but they have hardly spent anything towards the betterment of the Muslim community in Australia. I personally know the members of AFIC management who have become millionaires in the past ten years benefiting from the business of religion.

And to those Muslims migrants who support the demand for Sharia law, I have only one question. Why did you migrate to a secular and democratic country if you wanted Sharia laws? And for those born here, I want to know why you want to promote separatism by demanding faith based laws while no other community is doing the same ? Seriously this is beyond logic and common sense.

And its quite disappointing the Keysar has chosen to be an apologist for AFIC rather than being critical of their obviously outrageous and stupid move.

The complete article and all the comments can be read here.

Author: Bearsy

A Queensland Bear with attitude

3 thoughts on “Islam – Aussie style (transferred from The Chariot)”

  1. Here are the comments from the Chariot –

    oldmovieguy – 2011/05/19 at 1:54 pm
    You did well to bring this sensible response to our attention Bearsy, I fear the wider media will not be reporting this as it does not fit into the percieved role of the Muslim, ie, complete raving looney tune, of which there are many. The guy who wrote this is typical of the ordinary Muslim Joe who just want to live in peace and give his family a good life. They are the one’s I fear for when the Loonytune’s get lucky once more. As sure as apples is apples there will be an outrage of such evil intent and destruction that the authorities will not be able to control the populace and Muslim’s will be attacked in a way never seen in modern society. The trouble is it will the moderate one’s who will suffer, the Muslim hate mongers will be long gone.

    Bearsy – 2011/05/19 at 1:59 pm
    OMG – sadly what you predict is likely to eventuate in the UK, but hopefully not here in Australia. Unless our Labor government starts giving way to the Imams, which thankfully doesn’t appear to be on the cards – for now, at least..

    Boadicea – 2011/05/19 at 2:28 pm

    First point:

    What has impressed me about this particular blog on the ABC is that every comment is ‘moderated’ before publication and, despite the very left-wing bias of the Corporation, it has published some very outspoken comments – most notably “If you want Sharia law go and live under it elsewhere”. I know that similar comments on MyT have been removed.

    Second Point:

    Those who have embraced the culture of their adopted countries in Europe are already suffering from the resentment of the indigenous population who resent the way other non-integrated immigrants have changed their way of life.

    I honestly believe that silencing criticism has exacerbated the problem by allowing some immigrants to demand more and more without realising that the great majority of people (including some of their co-religionists) do not support those demands. At least the Leader of the Muslim Friendly Society of Australia (who wrote the article) is in no doubt about the feelings of some small section of Australian Society!

    oldmovieguy – 2011/05/19 at 2:34 pm
    Is the worm beginning to turn?
    If it is I hope it gets cracking before some terrible event does unfold.

    cuprum426 – 2011/05/20 at 3:38 am
    Bearsy….surely not…am I believing what I read? You’re not admitting that a muslim type person is…..ok by you? Crikey, the propaganda has got to you at last! 🙂

    Bearsy – 2011/05/20 at 6:36 am
    Cuprum – read the article, read the comment, read my observation. Then try saying something intelligent and worthwhile. 😀

    Bearsy – 2011/05/20 at 11:27 am
    My thanks to OMG for taking this post seriously.

  2. Apologies Bearsy, my comment was a little crass, I meant no shallowness other than to get a wry smile. I was most definitely interested and will take time to read the full article and comments and come back with something more erudite! 😀

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