Where the bloody hell are you? Not in Victoria!

This advertising slogan that Tourism Australia rather incautiously unleashed on the TV screens and billboards of the English-speaking world a couple of years back, will now cost you a $240 (about £155) on-the-spot fine if you repeat it in the “rust bucket” State of Victoria.   The incoming right-wing government has given carte-blanche to the uniformed fuzz to fine anyone who swears.   Can you believe it?

Here’s a link to Helen Razer’s post on The Drum (ABC) which will give you some idea about what Aussies think of it.   Helen is an Aussie comedienne and social commentator – same thing, really, I suppose!

Author: Bearsy

A Queensland Bear with attitude

4 thoughts on “Where the bloody hell are you? Not in Victoria!”

  1. What a great article – she’s great! To bring humour to such intelligence is a rare thing these days. Do link some more in if equally worthy please.

    Just out of interest – you can’t even do that in the UK – on the spot fines that is, for swearing.

    What would worry me most if I were a street copper is the allegation of corruption – that is why no officer in the UK can ever take any money for anything whatsoever. I’m surprised there’s no mention of it in the article – aren’t the Vic Pol well known for such behaviour?

  2. Police corruption in Victoria is rife, but it appears to concentrate on detectives shacking up with the drug barons and porn Lords, and the upper echelons applying pressure for the big end of town. The plod on the street (well, OK, there aren’t actually any plods on the street, but the fat-butts in the fancy patrol cars) are regarded as racist redneck bullies, but are not particularly noted for shake-downs. But they will be soon, I guess. 😆

  3. Oh dear! Victoria is the only state I haven’t visited – I won’t change that in the future then!

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