Juliar Gillard sinks even lower (updated in comments)

Julie Bishop on the left, Juliar Gillard on the right

Not content with stabbing our Kev in the back and with lying to the electorate about a carbon tax, Juliar is now refusing to act on a resolution passed by both Houses condemning her ‘Malaysian solution’ 1.

This is a blatant contempt of Parliament which, to quote the deputy opposition leader (Julie Bishop), “might be expected from a third-world dictatorship, but not from our Australian democracy”.

Technically I believe she can get away with it because the powers she requires are already available under a previous Migration Act, but it will do nothing to endear her to the voting public, with whom her stock is already nearly at rock bottom.

More pertinently, two of the three independents on whom Labor’s frail majority depends crossed the house in support of the resolution.   Sparks will fly!

1 – Don’t worry about it.   It’s an immigration thing, utterly nutty.

Author: Bearsy

A Queensland Bear with attitude

3 thoughts on “Juliar Gillard sinks even lower (updated in comments)”

  1. Very surprising update.

    Yesterday afternoon, this was headlines on the ABC News website. By the evening it had been already relegated to the archives, and by this morning’s breakfast News 24, the story appeared nowhere other than as a headline on the Financial Review.

    By lunchtime today it had disappeared from the FR front page, and the only articles that can be found by Google (other than this post) are in the inner pages (ie. needing a search) of –

    The Age
    The Australian, and
    The Financial Review

    The third article explains that although the opposition won the move to suspend standing orders so that a censure motion could be debated, by 71 to 70 votes, the Speaker declared that the motion had lost “because it didn’t achieve an absolute majority of 76”. This is grossly undemocratic, as is the apparent attempt to stifle reporting.

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