Well, there’s a turn up …

Of all people, Ricky Ponting has spoken out against Cricket Australia’s termination of Simon Katich’s contract.   Perhaps there’ s a decent bloke somewhere inside him after all.

Read the full article, and don’t forget to read all the comments, which give a pretty fair indication of what the fans think.

There seems to be little doubt that Pup was behind the move to ditch Kat, being resentful of his treatment by Kat a while back.   The wimpy meterosexual pinned up against the wall by the real cricketer’s hand round his throat must have left its mark, I suppose.

Wouldn’t be surprised if Pup gets booed again.   No, it’s not good behaviour, but with the current selectors and management of CA, how else can the fans express their disapproval?   Writing articles gets nowhere.   Button-holing a CA Director at a family get-together gets nowhere either 😦

Author: Bearsy

A Queensland Bear with attitude

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