My yard is open again

Boadicea’s blog – The Chariot – is now 100% Boadicea’s, moderated by her and by Soutie.   I have absolutely no connection with, or privileges on, her site.

Bearsy’s Backyard is my independent blog, and should anyone wish to comment on my posts here, they are very welcome to do so.   The subject will generally be Cricket or Australian Politics, but other trivialities may creep in.

This is not a multi-author site.   Cuprum and Boadicea are the only additional authors.   I do not anticipate others being invited. 🙄

Author: Bearsy

A Queensland Bear with attitude

6 thoughts on “My yard is open again”

  1. 😀

    So glad you’ve re-opened for business!

    I shall start by suggesting there was something a little fishy about the India v Sri Lanka ODI in Hobart yesterday……..

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