I didn’t believe the next game, either

Cuprum has quite reasonably cast doubt on the probity of the Sri Lanka versus India match.   It was unbelievable how an out-of-form India could suddenly revive to beat Sri Lanka by scoring 321 in 37.4 overs.

But the next match was almost equally unbelievable.   Australia’s bowlers held an in-form Sri Lanka to a total of 238, but the team then failed to win thanks to an appallingly bad display of tentative, unthinking, village-green batsmanship.   To cap it all, in the last but one over, David Hussey refused to take an easy single on ball 5.   Had he done so, and scored a four himself on the last ball, Ben Hilfenhaus would have been left with an attainable five to score in the last over.   Plenty of time for a single and a Hussey boundary or, more likely, a slogged six from Ben, who is no mean hitter when the pressure’s on.

Very bad cricket, and very poor judgement.

Sri Lanka have now beaten Australia three times out of four, so the likely outcome of the best-of-three finals is an easy series victory for them.   Had Dave been awake, Australia would now have been facing an erratic India and would be strong favourites for a 2-1 win.

Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I reckon both matches were rigged.   Hard to believe, but the Indian and Australian innings both looked exactly as though a script was being followed. 😯

Author: Bearsy

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4 thoughts on “I didn’t believe the next game, either”

  1. Alas I’ve been on nights so haven’t followed the latest games, but it does seem to wiff a little. Surely the Aussies are not to be tempted into bribes and betting scams too? I’ll get back up to speed soon – I do disagree with your pessimism though – the Aussies should win 3-0!

  2. Hmm, I’ve just watched the SL innings from Game 2 in Adelaide (lovely ground!) and isn’t it sad my suspicions are immediately raised again?

    Aus clearly underestimated the batting track and SL cruised to an easy victory. Now, is it a case of just poor selection or bad captaincy (I’m still not a fan of Pup), or is there a commercial interest causing the chaps at CA have a word with the team to ensure the third rubber is alive?

    A few years ago, pre Cronje and then more recently with the Pakistan debacle I wouldn’t have even thought about it.

    Ruins the game a little really. Every country seems to look guilty these days.

    And why is it they won’t pick Siddle for ODIs?

  3. The Aussie bowling was awful, wasn’t it? Worse even than the batting where Warner baulked at getting more than four boundaries and one six.

    With a bit of luck, Shane Watson will be captaining again on Thursday; unobtrusive but effective.

    Why CA won’t have Siddle is a mystery – same goes for Nathan Lyon.

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