Where the bloody hell are you? Not in Victoria!

This advertising slogan that Tourism Australia rather incautiously unleashed on the TV screens and billboards of the English-speaking world a couple of years back, will now cost you a $240 (about £155) on-the-spot fine if you repeat it in the “rust bucket” State of Victoria.   The incoming right-wing government has given carte-blanche to the uniformed fuzz to fine anyone who swears.   Can you believe it?

Here’s a link to Helen Razer’s post on The Drum (ABC) which will give you some idea about what Aussies think of it.   Helen is an Aussie comedienne and social commentator – same thing, really, I suppose!

Islam – Aussie style (transferred from The Chariot)

Reinstated at Cuprum’s request.

Boadicea and I have been following the comments on an article on an ABC website.   The ABC are generally regarded as left-wing bleeding heart ‘liberals’, just like their sister organisation, the BBC, and the article is a plea for the legal recognition of Sharia Law in Australia by a Muslim “leader” who tries hard to present himself and his cult as sweetness and light.

There are some 270 comments (or more) from readers, and at last count only 4 were supportive.   You may, or may not, be interested to see Australian opinion as it is expressed here – very polite, but equally firm in rejecting the introduction of any religious laws into our secular country.   It’s nothing like MyT, I assure you – no swear words, no personal attacks.

I wouldn’t have bothered to refer to it here were it not for the 271st comment, which is from a Muslim Australian who has his head screwed on very firmly and who obviously understands what it is to be Australian.   Here is his comment – Continue reading “Islam – Aussie style (transferred from The Chariot)”