Aussie reactions to Muslim criticism of “Top Gear”

The Australian media have reported on the “offence” taken by a Muslim to Top Gear‘s Niqab-wearing Boxing Day special.   Click on the picture to read the article.

As of the time of posting, there are 186 comments, of which about 180 tell the Muslim to ‘get a sense of humour’, ‘get a life’, and ‘get back to where you came from’, in various colourful ways.   Two of these laid-back comments are from Australian Muslims!  None of the comments are rude, merely forceful.  How different from MyT.

There is only one uptight Aussie Muslim getting on his high horse about the “one true monotheistic religion”, and one PC Aussie screaming about ‘racism’; both of these receive short shrift from the others.  Read them yourself, if you have a spare half-hour.

Non-Aussies may at first miss the significance of the phrase that several posters use – “The burqas are better at Hungry Jacks” – but I’m sure you can work it out. 😀

Wanted for treason and impersonating a cricketer

How much was the team paid to throw the match?   What kickbacks did CA received?

Are WicketLeaks right to assert corruption, or are the entire team the bunch of big girls’ blouses that 84,000 spectators at the MCG think they are?

Whichever, the outcome was a disgrace for Australia, which is rumoured to be giving up cricket and taking up synchronised swimming instead.

Boxing Day 2010 will be long remembered as the day Australian cricket died.

Don Bradman’s grave is said to have turned widdershins.

Andrew Symonds and Nathan Hauritz are rumoured to have saluted the entire board of CA with a well-known Aussie hand gesture and a rousing chorus of “up yours.”

My CA Director rellie was caught on camera yesterday wearing an English cricket shirt as he tried to hide at a family function – I’ll post a link as soon as the photo hits Facebook!

Exposé – It’s all a set-up!!

I doubt if any reader will believe the revelations that are contained in this post, but time will tell.   Be sure to remember that you read it here first.

Earlier today, I received an e-mail from the shadowy ‘person-of-interest’ who runs WicketLeaks.   What she had to tell me is explosive, and could bring down the cricket boards of two major nations, as well as resulting in paroxysms of mirth from Pakistan, the current bad-boy of international cricket.

Juliette Astrange, the blonde bimbo from Ballarat who is currently appearing in a Melbourne court charged with publishing pictures of naked AFL stars engaging in condomless (but allegedly simulated) sex, has not yet been outed as the mastermind behind WicketLeaks, but the e-mailed documentation cannot lie.   Unless, of course, ASIO have learnt some New Tricks from their mates in the CIA, or have been watching too many re-runs of Spooks. Continue reading “Exposé – It’s all a set-up!!”

It is wet and cold in Queensland

The Brisbane river overflowed yesterday

The weather in Queensland this Christmas is utterly out of character.   Grey skies all day.   Rain, followed by showers, followed by tropical downpours; then some more rain.   And it is cold.   Not UK cold, I grant, but 19 or 20C when usually at this time of the year it’s over 30C and very, very humid.   Even Kingaroy only reached 23C yesterday!

It was a king tide that caused the Brisbane river to break its banks – not the rain.   The Bureau of Meteorology insisted that this was because the Pacific was too hot because of global warming, so it had expanded!   Many Queenslanders suggested that BuMet should sober up and take a look outside their windows.   The entire state is floating and the pastoralists are demanding a return to drought.   Funny old world!

My very own fluffy foto

Yes, it’s a terrible photograph; out of focus and blurry.   But never mind, it’s just about viewable.

Number 1 daughter has recently allowed her partner’s #2 daughter to ‘foster’ RSPCA kittens.   This is a process whereby they look after a clutch of kitties from very young until they’re old enough to be separated and found permanent homes.   Socialisation and toilet training are the objectives, but the practical result is that there are always hoards of tiny fluffy things cluttering the home, practising looking cute.

The latest trainees are two females and a male – Henry.   Henry decided that I, the only human male present yesterday, made a good bed.  Eventually he rolled off on to the sofa and gave me an opportunity to grab my phone from my pocket and steal a snap.

He’s a beautiful fawn colour, and a very relaxed sort of chap.   Wonderful!

Today’s the real test

Day Four – Can England hang in and cobble together enough runs to give Australia an impossible chase on Day 5, or will the Aussies dismiss them in time to grab the final winning runs tomorrow?

Today will be a genuine test of Australia’s bowlers (excluding Hauritz and Bollinger, of course, who CA have stupidly declined to select), and of England’s batting solidity – if they have really acquired the necessary stick-at-it-ability.

Could go either way.