Wanted for treason and impersonating a cricketer

How much was the team paid to throw the match?   What kickbacks did CA received?

Are WicketLeaks right to assert corruption, or are the entire team the bunch of big girls’ blouses that 84,000 spectators at the MCG think they are?

Whichever, the outcome was a disgrace for Australia, which is rumoured to be giving up cricket and taking up synchronised swimming instead.

Boxing Day 2010 will be long remembered as the day Australian cricket died.

Don Bradman’s grave is said to have turned widdershins.

Andrew Symonds and Nathan Hauritz are rumoured to have saluted the entire board of CA with a well-known Aussie hand gesture and a rousing chorus of “up yours.”

My CA Director rellie was caught on camera yesterday wearing an English cricket shirt as he tried to hide at a family function – I’ll post a link as soon as the photo hits Facebook!

Author: Bearsy

A Queensland Bear with attitude

5 thoughts on “Wanted for treason and impersonating a cricketer”

  1. Oh, bummer, Bearsy.

    Climatically, or weather-wise, things are extremely odd. The snow is still with us here but everyone arrived and departed, thank goodness. The main roads at least are clear.

    Do you have a boat?

  2. No boats are available, I am given to understand, as the board of CA have nicked them all and are currently sailing across the Timor Sea in an effort to gain refugee status in Indonesia.

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