Sometimes I worry about us Aussies

Simon Katich

This stalwart chap proved himself to be the second best batsman in the world last season. As a reward for his amazing performance, the 35-year old has been dismissed by Cricket Australia, his contract ripped up. The reasons given are farcical. The useless Ponting has been retained, as has “Mr Cricket” (Mike Hussey), both of whom are older than Kat.

Who has done the dastardly deed? Well, none other than the idiot Hilditch, Chairman of selectors, who should have been discarded when his contract ran out in March, assisted by his familiar, Greg Chappell.

Former Test opener Michael Slater and former selector John Benuad were among several respected figures to call for Hilditch’s head last summer, and almost every Australian to comment on cricketing blogs has screamed for him to go, but the old boys network has kept him firmly inside the corrupt confines of CA.

One of these days, when no fans attend any senior match and nobody watches them on free-to-air, the declining advertising revenue may finally persuade CA to wake up to the fact that they should dismiss Ponting, discard Clarke (who doesn’t like Kat and probably white-ant’d him with the selectors) and select a team that has a chance of winning instead of their mates with the big advertising contracts.

I can but hope.


Author: Bearsy

A Queensland Bear with attitude

5 thoughts on “Sometimes I worry about us Aussies”

  1. Shameful….us poms are already celebrating retaining the next Ashes.

    It make quite a splash here too, but Hildich isn’t the one taking the flack, no-one is being pointed at really. I have been constantly surprised at the doings of CA since the last Ashes series – the inclusion of that spinner Beer summed up the stupidity of short termism in CA. It does stink of jobs for the boys and although Clarke is a half decent player he only seems to perform when the chips are up.

    There seems to be some deep rooted issues in the talent spotting too – for years the cricket academy (is it still in Canberra?) seemed to be a never ending supply of superb cricketers that had fine tuned their skills in England too, but they are very noticeable by their absence these days.

    I guess money and revenue is one reason, but is it that soccer and basket ball and other minor sports are attracting the aussie talent instead?

    As for the Aussie team, when are they due to play again? Have they played since the world cup?

    I shall come back with more later now that you’ve started me off!

  2. Good evening Bearsy.

    ‘Cricket, lovely cricket’. A joy to have a chance to post about it again.

    When I said on Boadicea’s site that eyebrows had been raised over here about the decision to axe SK, I had in mind this article which was in last Monday’s DT.

    I think that you might agree with the view expressed in what is, for me, a fine piece of writing. The DT has definitely gone down the tubes in so many ways but they still give good sports comment, in my opinion.

    I particularly like:-

    ‘In a move which can only be considered a selectorial scorched earth policy, Cricket Australia has ripped from the heart of its squad of centrally contracted players Simon Katich, the very embodiment of bullheaded, stiff-chinned, up-and-at-the-Poms old-style Ocker resistance.

    An ugly growler who appears to dine on razor blades and prepare by beating himself with eucalyptus branches, Katich is about as close to the product-preened, super-model-dating, metrosexual new image of Aussie cricket as personified by captain Michael Clarke as Jeremy Clarkson is to the world of Louie Spence.’

    Don’t bother googling Louie Spence. I did, because I had never heard of him. Trust me, he’s not worth the effort.

  3. Hi, JM.

    An excellent article by Jim White, thanks for the link. Australian cricket has entered a new low from which it will take us many seasons to recover.

    We still have plenty of fine cricketers, Cuprum, but selection by CA now appears to depend entirely on who you’re mates with, not on ability or potential. Until CA is reformed, things can only get worse. At the next family get-together I shall deliver some polite but pertinent criticism at our tame CA director, but I have a suspicion that my efforts will prove nugatory.

    Hey ho – I guess I’ll have to give cricket away and concentrate on bowls. 😥
    Or perhaps I should abandon my principles of assimilation and integration and revert to supporting England?

  4. I agree – it will take years of hand wringing and back stabbing and false starts and sackings before it sorts out – England spent the whole 90’s and early 2000’s doing it.

    You say there’s still talented cricketers, I’m sure there are it being Aus, but I don’t see them learning the game over here – that used to be one of the main proving grounds for test cricketers before hey get the baggy green. There’s hardly any over here now, shame really.

    Good luck with the family feedback!

    When’s the next match for Aus? Don’t you dare swap allegencies! England have only been doing well since you became interested!

    England have got India for 4 tests later this month – No.1 against No.2 in the world – should be interesting.

    Will you be following the Rugby World Cup in October from NZ?

  5. Cuprum

    Our fixtures show a Sri Lankan Test series in August and a South African series in November. We might win against SR, but I don’t fancy our chances in SA.

    I wasn’t aware that our guys no longer flock to play County cricket – I must do some better research.

    Rugby – what’s that? 😀

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